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QCon San Francisco

I have the privilege of speaking in the architecture track Scaling Domain Driven Design We’ve all heard about Domain Driven Design (DDD), but have you seen it applied in a large system? In the session you’ll see how DDD was … Continue reading 

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BDD and the Shared Language: The Stakeholder

  Let’s clear things up about BDD’s [SHARED LANGUAGE], its usage, and that it may or may not be a subset of the ubiquitous language in order to express its value. In case things were not clear the main difference … Continue reading 

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The Turing Test

  As some of you who have had the misfortune of emailing with me may know my email signature has been for a long time    –Studying for the Turing Test   A bad joke yes but …    Let me … Continue reading 

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BDD and the Shared Language

The last few months I have been sitting here fairly smugly saying there is nothing in BDD for me to understand (and have met others sitting with the same opinions). It’s just TDD + DDD reframed into a way that … Continue reading 

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