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RD Stuck?

  I only get these “Terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of connections” when its 3 am and I am dealing with a production problem where I absolutely need access at that moment. Naturally any admin etc is sleeping … Continue reading 

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Asserts are NOT evil

I have been asking this question to many developers after having heard  the viewpoints of many others on the list. The common view point seems to be that Debug.Assert is evil and shows a unit test that is missing. … Continue reading 

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Constructors … Hah!

Chad Myers asked: How many, if any, of these kinds of statements should you see in your code: ISomeService svc = ObjectFactory.GetObject<ISomeService>(); 0? 1? Less than 12?   Later in the thread: (Greg Young channelled Smashing Pumpkins when he said…) … Continue reading 

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A Use for Extension Methods

Recently over on the list there has been alot (read: way too much) talk about extension methods. The running consensus seems to be that extension methods are great for extending someone else’s API but have no place in code … Continue reading 

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When GhostDoc goes Bad

The problem with tools like GhostDoc is that you have to use them to remove the tedious bits of documentation, not consider what they produce to be ok as documentation I actually came across this today:      44 /// <summary>    45 /// … Continue reading 

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