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Mocks are a code smell

Now that the title has grabbed your attention no I don’t really think that mocks are a code smell as a rule but I do think they are grossly overused and there are other ways of dealing with the same … Continue reading 

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Alt.Net Seattle

Unfortunately I was at lunch so Dave beat me to it but  Registration is open … only about 100 seats first come first serve and there are some amazing people coming already. There will be some awesome future looking discussions … Continue reading 

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Been looking for something like this … This will be quite useful for things like DSL creation or for finally creating that implementation we have all been waiting for.  Or you could for instance start putting serialized versions of … Continue reading 

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DbC and Iterators

For those who have never been in one of my spec# talks one of the largest benefits I like to tout about spec# is that it offers the possibility of removing runtime checks through the use of static verification.  If … Continue reading 

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