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I Want Spec#

                                               Scott Hanselman has recently put up a new hanselminutes of an interview with the spec# team. This interview was done at altdotnet; one of the key points of discussion both in general and in the interview was “how can … Continue reading 

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Knuth: Wow

Donald Knuth is a mainstay of computer science from the last what 30 years? He recently did an interview with InformIT talking about some more modern concepts.. Here are some quotes I found quite interesting!   On the multi-core problem … Continue reading 

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  Boring Sunday night so I figured I would get ahead on my posts for the week (I have not been good enough about hitting 5 but I am trying). This post is probably out of order but the concepts … Continue reading 

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Altdotnet Spec# Session

Here is another video in the videos from altdotnet. We had Rustan and Mike of the spec# come out from their cave (j/k) at MSR to talk about spec#, boogie, and the future of compile time proving!     Enjoy … Continue reading 

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DDDD 9 [Producers and Consumers]

Not surprisingly the Producer/Consumer relationship is the single most important concept in messaging. Let’s take a look at those interfaces and how they work. The first we will look at is the interface that an object must meet in order … Continue reading 

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altdotnet seattle session video

Here is the video from the altdotnet talks… There are many good points brought up through out this fishbowl; the one that I really wish was answered better was the question from Adam on introducing stuff to a team who … Continue reading 

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DDDD 8 [Fluent Builders and Tests]

Ok this will not be the only post I wrote on this subject as its a pretty big one but I had some good discussions with Udi about this over the weekend. I find that my present way of doing … Continue reading 

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DDDD 7 [Wow]

I have to say Alt.Net Seattle and the MVP summit were one of the best developer community experiences I have ever have. Aside from all the awesome side discussions over beers or just hanging out in the halls I was … Continue reading 

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DDDD 6 [Fluent Builders, Alternate Ending]

Sitting with an awesome view of Seattle … Last night I spent some time over at Eleutian with Aaron and during our discussions we talked a bit about Fluent Builders. He brought up an interesting idea to me of whether … Continue reading 

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DDDD 5 [Messages have Fluent Builders]

In DDDD 4 I was lucky enough to get some commentary from an astute reader Jimmy Bogard, he wrote in his comment: I think I’d have to respectfully disagree here. Valid state can be enforced in more ways than an … Continue reading 

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