DDDD 7 [Wow]

I have to say Alt.Net Seattle and the MVP summit were one of the best developer community experiences I have ever have. Aside from all the awesome side discussions over beers or just hanging out in the halls I was quite surprised to find this during the opening of the open spaces.



This was a huge surprise to me to say the least, not even that there was one … but there were THREE on the same subject! At first I was a bit hesitant as there are still many things not completely cohesive in my head but I am really glad that this session happened. It was amazing to have not only Udi Dahan in the fish bowl but also Martin Fowler and quite a bit of Dru. Let’s just say that the discussions were great!

I do wonder though … who decided the first D was Distributed? :)

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed that many of those discussions focused primarily on infrastructure but it is an important part of the topic that I will go into quite a bit of later.

I think my camera got most of the session so I will try to post a video of this and the Next Generation Architectures fishbowl (I was expecting this one to be more focused on infrastructures)



There was a question asked in the DDDD fishbowl that was never answered very well that I hope to address in the near future:

My team has never used messaging before; what would be the best way for us to get up to speed and to learn to do things right.

If you are already doing messaging and have thoughts on this drop me an email offline at gregorzyzounzgz1@gzmail.com (remove the zs)


Aside from those two great talks the rest of altdotnet was also great. It is just crazy what happens when you get so many smart people into one place with high bandwith communications. Aside from conversations with Udi (which were great btw because they were mainly about the 5% of things we disagree on) I also had great conversations with many others including Chris and Dru who are working on MassTransit which is shaping up to be a useful and lightweight tool for enterprise integrations. I am looking forward to seeing this project progress.


In the Next Generation Architectures talk I got to meet Addy S for the first time as well as some other smart gents. If the guy with the beard who was in the fishbowl a bunch is reading this please leave a comment or drop me an email, I never got your name.

I am still in shell shock from all of last week and in need of sleep. Before tomorrow though I wanted to ask people reading this whether they would prefer the next cluster of posts to be implementing the easiest messaging scenario (in process infrastructure abstraction) or whether they would prefer to get more into the underlying infrastructure and concepts of a next generation default architecture …

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13 Responses to DDDD 7 [Wow]

  1. Greg says:

    Lucas do you mind if I quote that comment in my devTeach presentation?

    I hear it alot …

  2. Greg says:

    Lucas do we need MS to do that? Stay tuned…

  3. Lucas Goodwin says:

    I’m a bit late to the game (just watched the vids from this), but I gotta say I’m VERY pleased you braught up the ODBMS vs RDBMS argument.

    I for one am sick of mapping objects to relations. I’m constantly wonder why this impedence mismatch keeps persisting (no pun intended). Speaking with our DBA guys we concluded the choice of relational over object DBs is mostly driven by the need for reporting, which for us is mostly driven by accounting who holds all the purse strings.

    I suppose if MS came out with a SQL Server Objects edition the whole scene would change pretty quickly…

  4. Tim Barcz says:

    @Greg – Yes, but also qualify when you say “default” what context is this the new default.

  5. RhysC says:

    I think the guys name (with the beard) was Allan. but that only because i over heard it. I may be wrong. Unless you are talking about that Fowler chap 😉

  6. Greg says:

    good guess Jeff but alas I know mario as well.

  7. Jeff Certain says:

    ps Photo at http://www.mariocardinal.com/ to see if it’s the right guy

  8. Jeff Certain says:

    Greg — Mario Cardinal, perhaps?

  9. Greg says:

    Tim would a “New Default Architecture” type post explaining the goals and reasoning behind them be that?

  10. Tim Barcz says:


    I’m interested in learning enough to say whether or not I could use this. I caught myself saying to myself that the D^4 stuff was too much for our projects. But then I stopped and reminded myself that I cannot make that assertion until I actually understand what I’m not implementing. I’d just like to understand enough to say, “Yep we need it” or “Not right now”.


  11. Greg says:

    Jeff I know Udi hehe this was an older guy on Sunday …

  12. Dave Laribee says:

    Great hanging as always, Greg.

    I would like to see a simple scenario. Specifically I’d like to see (beyond Messages as Value Objects) you see messaging integrating in the model:

    1) Where do you connect pipelines? Aggregate root?
    2) Do you use traditional application services as bus adapters, e.g. every model comes with it’s own anti-corruption layer against a service bus?
    3) Maybe an example of Customer/Order/Product with two bounded contexts. Product catalog model and inventory and order taking models? Show messaging between them.

    I mostly follow your riff, but I think having this kernel will aid greatly in making this stuff accessible to the wider audience interested in such issues!

  13. Jeff Certain says:

    Greg… the “guy with the beard” might have been Udi Dahan. He was in there a fair bit.

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