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DDDD 4 [Messages are Value Objects]

This week I may take a break from these posts for a few days due to the Summit and Alt.Net but I should still push a few posts…   Messages as we will see are an interesting breed of objects … Continue reading 

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DDDD 3 [What/Why this]

I jumped right into DDDD 1 without really explaining what this is or why I am doing it. I am going to break a day to explain my reasons for posting this information and what I intend to go through. … Continue reading 

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DDDD 2 [Messaging and the Ubiquitous Language]

Yay!! 2 days of blogging at lunch (then at home, time crunch today so excuse the hurried format) in a row, keeping on track. In DDDD 1 we looked at boundaries where messaging is applicable / good. We will in … Continue reading 

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DDDD 1 [When to Message]

Just as a bit of a preamble, today is the first of what will hopefully be many days of me knocking out my blog backlog by actually taking an hour lunch and bringing my laptop to write. Unfortunately I currently … Continue reading 

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SetUp Failures

Copy/Paste of an email I just wrote with a request for comments  …   Charlie and others … Should a SetUp failure actually be a failed test? I say no, it should be classified separately as it means something very … Continue reading 

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I have found this class useful so I figured that I would share it. It’s main use is a quick lightweight fluent interface for creating an IEnumerable<T> in a test. The place where it excels is when we want to … Continue reading 

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