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Dynamic Languages vs Static Verification

At Seattle as some may remember I was doing a bunch of interviews for On of those quick videos was a talk with Rustan Leino, Mike Barnett, John Lam, and Matt Podwysocki about dynamic languages and static verification. … Continue reading 

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devTeach Talk

Here is my devTeach talk … I got a bit of a late start and had a lot of material to try to get in so I had to push away from a few good discussions but I will answer … Continue reading 

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EF Long Term Plans

I was reading through what is actually a reasonable comparison of EF to other technologies on Dan Simmons’ blog. Dave, Jeremy, and Jimmy have already discussed many issues but …   One bit caught my attention: Long-term we are working … Continue reading 

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Revenge of the Statically Typed Languages

  There have been some great posts recently going around about the merits of static vs dynamic languages … Dynamic Languages Strike Back by Steve Yegge Return of the Statically Typed Languages by Cedric   I have to admit that … Continue reading 

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DDDD 12 [How long?]

One of the most difficult parts of becoming eventually consistent is getting people out of the mind set that everything is always consistent. Years ago before they introduced their system that used to be legacy that everyone now can after … Continue reading 

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devTeach: Strategic Domain Driven Design

Here is Dave Laribee‘s session on Strategic Domain Driven Design from devTeach.       I have always admired the simplicity and art of Dave’s slides, this time I particularly enjoyed the Mr. Roger’s slide!   Of course Dave provides … Continue reading 

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devTeach after thoughts

Just got home from the airport; what a trip. I flew out Tuesday night on a red eye arriving at about 6:30 am in Toronto (On my way out I listened to the new altdotnet podcast this is great stuff!). … Continue reading 

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DDDD 11 [Basic Consistency]

So I was bad last week and didn’t get much written shame on me… hopefully I can get back on track. In DDDD 10 we looked at Command Query Seperation, now we are going to take that idea a little … Continue reading 

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