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Architecture Talk

When: 16/2/2009 18:15 Where: Microsoft Montreal Link: Here you go What: Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur l’architecture – Sans oser le demander L’architecture logiciel consiste à modéliser et à appliquer des heuristiques pour simplifier le système … Continue reading 

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Welcome to the Anemic Age

Just a quick run by posting. It seems that all the cool kids are now building apps using anemic domain models   The recent document  Two tier application scenario (REST) from MS P&P is a good example. While I am … Continue reading 

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DDD: Specification or Query Object

One of the nice benefits of a Specification is that one could write some code like the following: IEnumerable<Customer> customers = CustomerRepository.AllMatching(CustomerSpecifications.IsGoldCustomer); Writing code like this has allowed the developer to reuse a specification from the domain within their repository … Continue reading 

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Tool Users

This was sitting as a draft from 2009 so I figured what the hell why not publish it.   Just a quick passing thought. As I was reading this article on wired I started thinking about tool users in terms … Continue reading 

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DDD: The Generic Repository

This discussion came up on the list last night and I had this post about half way done so I agreed to push it to the top of my stack and get it done for today given the timeliness … Continue reading 

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DDDD: Master-Detail Question

I received an interesting question via email recently that I figured would be better answered via a blog post than a private response. Greg, <clip of intro and flattery> So you are getting messages directly out of your repositories and … Continue reading 

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A New Year a New Chapter

I usually try to keep everything here extremely technical but here is a short update about me in general. As some of you may know I have been planning a move for a few weeks now. I didn’t really know … Continue reading 

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