A New Year a New Chapter

I usually try to keep everything here extremely technical but here is a short update about me in general. As some of you may know I have been planning a move for a few weeks now. I didn’t really know quite where I was going, only that I was in for change. I don’t really intend to settle down anywhere but instead to move from place to place.

As of 8am on Saturday my leaving was complete. I arrived here in Montreal where I will be staying as a visitor for a few months, hopefully I can become conversational in French again before I leave. I arrived with everything that I owned contained in 2 suitcases with a total weight of 110 lbs (I need to get rid of a few more things to get myself below the airline weight limit). I have to say that the getting rid of all of your possessions is extremely liberating and I am looking forward to the next period of my life without a focus on material possessions.

On the work front I hope to be picking up a local contract for 3-6 months. It was very hard to get this setup beforehand with everyone being on vacation but hopefully it will come together fairly easily. If you are in the US and are looking for someone I do have a few weeks of availability until I take something or may not take something if it goes longer. If interested drop me an email.

Everything here in Montreal is quite different but some things are pretty easy to pick up. Go Nucks Habs Go! I already have a good number of funny greg-was-speaking-french-and … stories to share at the next conference (alt.net seattle I am thinking though its a much longer trip from here!).

I hope to be spending more time focused on writing while I am here so expect some more content!

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14 Responses to A New Year a New Chapter

  1. Frederic Marceau says:

    Is there a NHL hockey team in Vancouver?I remember that Pavel Bure was playing for some pee-wee team back in the 90s… 😐

  2. 5x1llz says:

    I had no idea this was all in the works. I’ve just recently moved to your favorite Canadian city but I have to say the novelty of a move like this has been enough to keep me motivated and excited about the future.

    All the best with the new move!

  3. joey says:

    Tim Ferriss follower?

  4. Geoff Stafford says:


    Been trying to get a hold of you for a while but someone keeps filtering my comments here. Call me when you see this…598.4959…you know the area code.

    I am not a bot…greg and I went to college together (well, we really didn’t go that much)…please don’t filter this comment.

  5. Jeff Tucker says:

    you’re still coming to alt.net seattle open spaces though, right?

  6. Hey, if you ever come visit Quebec City, drop me a line and I will be glad to give you a tour :)

    p.s. Would working on a MMO game be tempting to you ?

  7. Alois Kraus says:

    Hi Greg,
    You are really living an extreme style. And I thought I am flexible. But I will never beat two suitcases ;-). I wish you a good time and I am looking forward to read more on how the weather in Montreal feels like.

    Alois Kruas

  8. Greg says:


    Looks Great!

  9. RhysC
    The only downside I’ve found so far, is that you’re driving on the wrong side of the road! 😉

  10. RhysC
    You’ve got me sold on this one. I hate the weather here, and Australia/New Zeland, is what I’ve been looking at closely recently.
    I’m no way near that smart as Greg, but hopefully I’ll find something for me there if I finally get myself to decide what to do.

  11. RhysC says:

    Come to Perth… its hot.. you dont have to speak french and they need smart devs/architects.

    and there is nice beach… its 37 degrees (C) at the moment as i look over the swan river


  12. hammett says:

    Wow! That’s pretty bold. Best of luck and wish we have had a coffee before you left.

  13. Colin Jack says:

    Exciting times, now you’re really doing Distributed DDD. Ha, do you see what I did there…classic.

    Seriously though sounds great, very jealous.

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