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Today’s VAN

As some may know the VAN last week was cancelled due to some technical difficulties. It will be happening this afternoon. has the detailed information. I believe that all of the technical difficulties have been resolved as I … Continue reading 

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 In response to someone’s comment of: “writing all of these message objects takes a lot of time” We have come to a very very very important question. What is the cost of Command Query Separation and Messaging in general in … Continue reading 

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Big Ball of Entropy?

Just a quick thought, the comments should be interesting on this one.     What is the relationship between the Big Ball of Mud and Entropy? Are all systems of a reasonable level of complexity destined to become Big Balls … Continue reading 

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I will be doing a talk today for Alt.Net Europe’s VAN program  You can find out more information on the talk including the livemeeting address here   I will be talking about command query separation  in DDD based systems. … Continue reading 

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