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Java vs .NET Developers

Davy Brion has an interesting post discussing his recent interviews with .NET and Java developers. I have to say that I agree with some of his assessments. Much of what we discuss in .NET is far more common in Java … Continue reading 

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More on Repository

Oren has since responded so let me in turn respond. Its something that we will never agree upon because we have been in such different contexts. He starts by saying First, careful re-reading of the actual post doesn’t show me … Continue reading 

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Tricky Question

  Someone gave me a tricky little question the other day that they had supposedly received in an interview at google and were stumped by. Its not really that tough but …   You have a circular queue of ordered … Continue reading 

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Repository is Dead: Long Live Repository

The title sums up the argument in Oren’s recent post about repositories. Although we have had some discussions on twitter about that post I wanted to offer people a bit more of an analysis of what he has said and … Continue reading 

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