Bounty for R# on Monodevelop

Started talking with some people on twitter about this today. This thread represents a bounty for anyone who ports resharper or a functional equivalent to monodevelop. I understand it is a LOT of work therefor I am willing to personally pledge $500 to the person who does it.

Some stipulations. I would want to see the product come out and then become OSS so the community can bring it forward or I would want jetbrains to commit to supporting the product for a period of time.

What are you willing to pledge? Let’s give them an idea of how much money could be made on the project. Within 3 minutes we were up to $1200 on twitter. Post here or even better use the hash tag #pledgetoresharperformonodevelop (I like long tags) on twitter.

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17 Responses to Bounty for R# on Monodevelop

  1. Nic Wise says:

    I’d be up for that. If someone (novell?) is going to do it, put it up on kickstarter and get it funded. Get people to literally put their money where their mouth is.

    I would. I’d pay double a r# license for that. Even just _some_ of the features would do (using clause completion, a good source code formatter would solve a lot of it. Maybe I should hack on MD a bit….)

  2. Caleb Vear says:


    JetBrains have IntelliJ IDEA
    Which is a java IDE and is cross platform.

  3. Mike Brown says:

    @steve py

    Are you joking? This is how commerce works. Someone provides a good product and another person says, “our product needs that too”. Jetbrains is not at risk of going out of business due to MSFT building features provided by R# into VS.

    In reality, we the consumer only benefit from this ebb and flow. Jetbrains has motivation to keep innovating and VS continues to improve.

  4. Eric N. says:

    This would be awesome! I too would put in a $100

  5. Chad Myers says:

    Someone needs to set up a web site for this and start taking pledges. I would do it except that i have a baby due any day now and won’t be able to see it through.

  6. Ben Aston says:

    I’d be willing to pay over the odds for a Resharper equivalent for MonoDevelop.

  7. Hadi Hariri says:


    ReSharper is not VS2010 specific. It works on multiple versions of VS.

  8. @sukru> R# is written in C# and I’m not sure the hard part is VS integration (despite it’s still lot of work). IMHO most of the problem is to parse C# code quickly and analyse it.

    So a port seems reasonable.

  9. Steve says:

    I’d be willing to donate if Jetbrains can build a IDE that runs .NET on my Mac :)

  10. Javed says:

    Count me in

  11. Jason Gerard says:

    I’d be willing to donate $150 bucks for that. Not have ReSharper or equivalent functionality/key bindings is the main drawback for me.

  12. Blair Davidson says:

    Good luck. I am actually hoping for a complete VS replacement from JetBrains in Java so it platform independent.

  13. sukru says:

    Reshaper is Windows and VS2010 specific. Thus probably a rewrite is much easier than porting (which is still quite a difficult task).

  14. steve py says:

    Might be their only option if Microsoft continues to “adopt” (aka bushwhack, plunder, steal) R# features into Visual Studio.

  15. Rennie says:


    Maybe I should start reading posts before I start writing comments. :-(

  16. Greg says:

    Sorry it is resharper

  17. Rennie says:

    OK, I’ll bite. Or show my ignorance. Or whatever.

    What the heck is R#?

    A link in your posting might have been helpful.

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