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DDD/CQRS/Event Sourcing List

I know there is a large subset that reads this blog and/or follows me on twitter and/or is on the ddd list but for those who are not in those sets. In hope of bringing the DDD list back to … Continue reading 

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TDD and Dbc

I was just reading Patrick Smachia’s great post on High Test Coverage and I have to say I agree nearly 100%.   I have a presentation up from a few years ago that covers some of the relations between TDD and … Continue reading 

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Retrospective from online course

As some of you may know though I did not announce it on my blog I ran an online course yesterday for the first time.   The class was full day and about the evolution involved with CQRS and Event … Continue reading 

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Challenge: Breaking Your Brain About Storage

The other day I was talking with Kyle Baley on twitter and I gave an example of how it is possible to store “highly critical” data only in memory. I mentioned to him a similar problem, here it is.   … Continue reading 

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A Different Frame of Reference

Writing this in the Web UI which kind of sucks because I have not found a good blogging utility in unix yet. I kinda miss livewriter.   One of the biggest advantages of using Event Sourcing with CQRS is that … Continue reading 

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Command Handlers and the Domain Model

Couldn’t sleep on the train from Oslo to Bergen so I decided to start writing a bit. Correction, the train is stuck now in a tiny little town about two hours from Bergen, have to say, a beautiful spot to … Continue reading 

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