Retrospective from online course

As some of you may know though I did not announce it on my blog I ran an online course yesterday for the first time.


The class was full day and about the evolution involved with CQRS and Event Sourcing. It was an interesting experience as it was my first time utilizing the medium. Here are some thoughts from my perspective on how it went.


The good. 


  • Registration was good. EventBrite was relatively painless to work with. Registration filled up very quickly.
  • I liked the donation model for people. Some people came in for free others were very generous. I like that it gives opportunities to people who may otherwise not be able to receive the content
  • No crashes thankfully with livemeeting.
  • Good questions from group.
  • Lovely setting to work from (outside by Darrel Miller’s pool in the sun :))


The not-so-good


  • Medium is far less interactive than I prefer to be.
  • It is quite weird to sit and talk to a computer for 8 hours.
  • I feel I need to change some content + build a few additional slides, I am too accustomed to just grabbing a whiteboard
  • Need to break out more distinct “chapters” for the online version



Overall I kind of question the benefit of doing things in the online format. Overall I think I will do it one or two more times but I feel that once I get the format nailed down I would probably be better off to just record the 8 hour session and put it up for download etc. The main reason for this is that the medium is much more so uni-directional and lacks in large amounts of interaction. Having questions is a good thing but its not nearly as interactive as say a classroom setting where I can just whip out a pen and start drawing on the whiteboard to answer the question. Going with the recording a think a venue where people could ask questions would generally suffice for most of the interactions that happen live.



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6 Responses to Retrospective from online course

  1. Eric Nelson says:

    We just delivered 6 weeks course of Azure training with a 3 hour live meeting each week + study guide + homework. I think it worked out pretty interactive but we always had at least two of us on the LM. We only took questions through the Q&A manager (no audio) but the “none presenters” either answered direct via Q&A or paused the presenter to ask verbally. Seemed to work out well. In some ways more interactive than a standard class room – lots of q’s, lots of a’s, but relatively little disruption to the flow

  2. Hi Greg,

    The interactive part is indeed kind of troublesome with those kind of online events. If you miss having a whiteboard, maybe you want to check out other online meeting tools like Dim Dim for example. Me an Colin have been testing it out for the European VAN sessions and its our impression that Dim Dim is way more powerful than Live Meeting. For us the immediate benefits are cross platform support and easy switch between presentation/desktop/whiteboard. Bus as I mentioned, we haven’t used it for an E-VAN presentation yet. Just ping me if you want to share some ideas about this.

    I would love to attend one of these online courses, so I hope you schedule a couple more of these in the next few months.

  3. Love to hear more. Where can I sign up to get notified about the next course?

  4. Shane Courtrille says:

    I for one would love to be able to purchase access to a recorded version especially if it came with access to a discussion area.

  5. Darren Kopp says:

    I think yesterday could have been 2 directional if it weren’t for two things:

    1) Volume Leveling. Live meeting needs to apply volume leveling to the mic’s so that one persons mic isn’t drowning out say, the presenters. then people could leave mics on.

    2) noise canceling. The software needs to be able to kill ambient noise and only send voice when people talk. This would also allow people to leave their mics on.

    If live meeting, or go to meeting, or whoever implemented both of these, then i think that the whole “online training” area could actually work extremely well.

    and don’t worry, i laughed at most of your jokes, even though you couldn’t hear me.

  6. Matthieu says:

    You should try a TabletPC (yes it’s so 1997). I don’t know LiveMeeting but if you can share a OneNote-like application you get a nice virtual whiteboard.

    Unidirectionnal is probably enough but sometimes it’s nice to be able to interact with the speaker :)

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