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TDD and Dbc

I was just reading Patrick Smachia’s great post on High Test Coverage and I have to say I agree nearly 100%.


I have a presentation up from a few years ago that covers some of the relations between TDD and DbC http://www.infoq.com/presentations/TDD-in-a-DbC-World-Greg-Young that might be worth watching for some people checking out these ideas.


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3 Responses to TDD and Dbc

  1. Greg, it is funny coincidence that I felt the need to write my last post:

    Code Contracts and Automatic Testing are pretty much the same thing

    even before figuring out your post on TDD and Dbc :o)

  2. Alois Kraus says:

    To make it easier to get 100% coverage I have found a way to emply tracing for fault injection. This way you can test your error handling without altering production code.


    Alois Kraus

  3. Steven says:

    Have you got a downloadable version of this presentation available? Perhaps a torrent?

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