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Super Simple CQRS Example

Under 500 lines of code before the client   I will write a blog post about some of the stuff in it but its pretty straight forward.

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Weekend online course (USA edition)

I was going to do the last class on a Saturday in GMT but a bunch of North Americaners were saying they would like a weekend version as well in their timezones. As such I put up one for … Continue reading 

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Idempotency vs Distibuted Transactions

This post comes from a discussion I had with Clemens Vasters at NDC but is a much bigger discussion than the context we had it in which was Azure specific. An exaple of where this also comes into play is … Continue reading 

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Eventual Consistency and Set Validation

I was just writing an email to the cqrs group and figured it might be useful to put it up here as well as its a very common question I get. The initial question was Here’s the example I’m using:A … Continue reading 

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Upcoming online classes

As I mentioned previously I will only do another 2 online classes. I have to admit talking to the computer screen is too weird for me but I find it a good exercise to get the material better suited for … Continue reading 

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