Weekend online course (USA edition)

I was going to do the last class on a Saturday in GMT http://dddcqrs3.eventbrite.com but a bunch of North Americaners were saying they would like a weekend version as well in their timezones. As such I put up one for Saturday that people can register for http://usacqrsddd.eventbrite.com/ 


The material is the same as previously just in a weekend time format.


Material covered includes:

  • CQRS
  • Event Sourcing
  • Building an Event Store
  • How the domain changes
  • Evolving an existing architecture
  • Testing
  • Eventual Consistency
  • Versioning

The format of this is meant to be open to the community. As such the only form of payment is donations.


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8 Responses to Weekend online course (USA edition)

  1. James says:

    Wondering if you are interested in a contract?

  2. +1 for some recordings? I unfortunately missed these, but I’m very interested in seeing/hearing them!

  3. Ryan Riley says:

    I can’t believe I missed this. Any chance of a repeat later? Thanks for doing these, Greg.

  4. Josh Schwartzberg says:

    I would love to catch this event but I am unavailable on Saturday. I’d be more than happy to donate $$ for a raw recorded version that I could view at my leisure! Please make that happen!

  5. Dylan Smith says:

    Hey Greg,
    I’ve really wanted to attend one of these courses, but unfortunately every one has conflicted with something in my schedule. Any chance you can record it and I can get a copy of the recording in exchange for a donation?


  6. David McClelland says:

    Any chance of streaming the videos or downloading slides or sample code?

    And yes, I’d donate for those too :-)

  7. Alex says:

    Are there any recordings of this?

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