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Sublime Text as Code Editor (1) Compile

I have been making a move to sublimetext2 in linux as my primary development environment. This series of posts will look at the editor and various tweaks and addons that are needed to get working with C# code. There are … Continue reading 

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We Actually Build Stuff

Mentioned that I had more announcements to make. In all of my free time I decided to get together some speakers to do a small conference in Vilnius Nov 30th. The initial speakers and sessions are up, more to be … Continue reading 

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This Fall

Finished up with phase of the Event Store (Second Phase is Appliance first week of November!) and now have to get back to planning everything else so there will be a few announcements coming this week. The first is … Continue reading 

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CQRS is not an Architecture

Just a quick posting from some conversations that were going around. CQRS is not an architecture. CQRS can be called an architectural pattern. Just like Transaction Script is an architectural pattern. Event Sourcing is also an architectural pattern (it is … Continue reading 

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Agile Process

I was out at Agile Prague earlier this week. There were many great presentations on building up better processes and a particularly interesting one by Linda Rising on the introduction of agile into organizations. However in talking with many of … Continue reading 

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