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This Fall

Finished up with phase of the Event Store http://geteventstore.com (Second Phase is Appliance first week of November!) and now have to get back to planning everything else so there will be a few announcements coming this week. The first is for some upcoming classes.

Sydney Australia Nov 19-21 http://auscqrs1.eventbrite.com/

Melbourne Australia Nov 28-Dec1 http://cqrsaus2.eventbrite.com/

Update! Melbourne Australia Nov 12-14

Vilnius Lithuania Oct 24-27 http://vilniuscqrs2.eventbrite.com/ (videoed class)

I may also do a class on the weekend in Australia if there is interest from people and I have to build up a one day introductory workshop to the Event Store so I will likely do a couple of those over the fall to get the material set (though not sure where).

I currently also have a few days left in the fall that I have availability if anyone wants to chat about them.

Oct 8-10

Nov 12-14

Dec 17-21

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2 Responses to This Fall

  1. Pedro says:

    Hi Greg,

    Looking forward to give it a proper look on your “Event Store” code.

    I’m into DDD since recently and I stumbled into your contributions in InfoQ.

    I must say you’ve evangelized the Event So)u(rcer(er) in me as I hope I can put it to the test soon (using CQRS Journey as a reference also). I always thought that people focus too much on structure and forget about the time dimension in their designs (of course this comes with an expense).

    I’ve also came to know Code Contracts from your tech talks. But you’ve miss to use them in the project didn’t you? I’m finding them to be a little expensive as well but I’ll try to use them on a next Dev from scratch.

    Just wanted to highlight your impressive contribution.


  2. Tomas says:

    A link to vilnius CQRS event on eventbrite seems to be dead – brings me to the front page of eventbrite and that’s it. Can I get any more info about this event somewhere?

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