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Projections 4: Event Matching

In the “intermission” post we jumped ahead quite a bit in terms of the complexity of the projection we were building. Let’s jump back into our progression of learning bits. The projections we have used so far have used a … Continue reading 

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Wow it feels weird to have a schedule that is pretty much completely locked in between now and August. I guess things change when you don’t only have your own schedule to worry about. A friend tells me that soon … Continue reading 

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Projections 3: Using State

In Projections 2 we looked at creating a very simple projection that would analyze our statistics inside of the Event Store. The projection was: This is a very common type of scenario we will find in event based systems. We … Continue reading 

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Projections 2: A Simple SEP Projection

In the first post on projections we talked a bit about the theory behind projections. In this post we are going to try to create a very simple projection and talk about how it actually works. To start with there … Continue reading 

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Projections 1: The Theory

Cross Posted from Over at http://geteventstore we have 1.0’ed the Event Store as an Event Store (eg storing/retreiving events/multinode version/etc) but in the process we did not release projections. They are still marked as experimental. Projections are however getting close to ready … Continue reading 

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Refactoring and the Ubiquitous Language

I was reading this morning an interesting post to the domain driven design list. I began replying on the list but as my answer started to become more than one paragraph figured it might be better to drop the answer on … Continue reading 

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