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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Pair Programming

Read about a week ago an interesting article challenging Pair Programming I have to admit the first time I read it it seemed really devastating to pair programming. I however re-read it yesterday when James Nugent sent it by the second time. This … Continue reading 

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Reactive Manifesto

This is worth a read for people http://www.reactivemanifesto.org/ there is a lot of wisdom in the document (though it would be great if they had more links)

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Self Connects

About six weeks ago we had a bizarre randomly failing integration test over at http://geteventstore.com. The test would bring up a node. And it was doing some writing/reading/verifying. It would fail maybe 3% of the time. In trying to debug … Continue reading 

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HttpListener in .NET

I have heard at least 20 different presentations inform me that one of the super awesome benefits of using a HttpListener in .NET is that it goes through http.sys which will allow you to have kernel mode caching inside of … Continue reading 

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