Sublime is Sublime 9

Yesterday I took a survey of .net developers as I was curious how most are working. In particular I was wondering what % of time people actually work on .NET code vs working on code such as html or javascript and in particular whether they were using VS for html and javascript development.

I would love to put all of the raw data here but apparently surveymonkey wants 25/euros per month to actually export the results of a survey which sucks. Need to find a new survey tool.

What I found was a few groups of .NET developers one that was quite interesting for me answered the questions in this way:

Q1: What % of your time are you actively coding at work?
Q2: What % of your coding time is in .NET code (C#/F#/VB.NET/etc)
Q3: What % of your coding time is in HTML?
Q4: What % of your coding time is in JavaScript?
Q5: Do you use Visual Studio for javascript/html?

There were a huge number of developers who spent 40-70% of their coding time in Visual Studio not working on C# code but instead working on javascript and html code. For these developers in particular I point you to the html and javascript support in sublime without comment just watch a few videos, getting setup is just installing a few packages through your package manager (discussed previously in this series)



WebInspector – seriously watch the video
Emmet – formerly known as zencoding.
Code Intel – go to definition etc support

Tomorrow we will continue the series getting into .net specific stuff and fixing some areas we are weak in now. How do you add a reference?

Anyone used any of these plugins? Please share your experiences in comments.

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3 Responses to Sublime is Sublime 9

  1. gregyoung says:

    We have already done some of the things in this series that you mention and will be doing more in the next post (go to definition, basic refactorings, intellisense, etc) so I am a bit confused by the comment.

  2. Abhishek says:

    I appreciate your effort and I am planning to switch to linux as my primary computer at home. Howmuch ever I like your idea of using Sublime which I absolutely love and use it all the time, I don’t think I can rate it above any specialized dotnet IDE like monodevelop on linux. There are multiple problems with sublime. First is that it is a general purpose editor and it is its biggest strength. It can’t work well with a system where there are file dependencies, references, debugging etc. I can’t even think of leaving an IDE to do the kind of work I do. R# gives me the productivity boost which is hard to live without in Linux world but I can say it is a luxury and is not an absolute necessity. Having said that, I don’t think your experiment is having a good future. I wish you succeed in replacing VS completely but I would say better try adapting to monodevelop or pay for xamarin if you think you can recover the cost with your work.

  3. Gilligan says:

    Unfortunately we are stuck using TFS for source control at work so if a file is not found in the Solution Explorer (and sometimes even when it is) it won’t be found in Source Control

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