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NetFlix Prize

Ok guys this is a great programming challenge especially for you AI types. NetFlix is running a contest to come up with better heuristics for determining if a given person will like a given movie based upon certain data such … Continue reading 


Performance Contest #2: Triangle Solitaire

The previous contest went pretty well so here is the second incarnation of the performance contest. Hopefully I can keep from wasting hours of time by running all the results with JIT optimizations disabled! I am not providing a na├»ve … Continue reading 


Performance Contest #1 Results and Analysis

  Sorry for the delay in getting the results out. There is a really funny story behind it with me running 7 hours of tests in debug mode then aggregating results and getting it all ready before I realized what I … Continue reading 


Performance Challenge: #1 Word Count

I had not seen a good .NET performance challenge in a while so I figured that I would start one. Obviously the real benefit will come in about two weeks when all of these items are analyzed and discussed (I … Continue reading