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TDD and Dbc

I was just reading Patrick Smachia’s great post on High Test Coverage and I have to say I agree nearly 100%.   I have a presentation up from a few years ago that covers some of the relations between TDD and … Continue reading 

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Code Contracts – TDD in a DbC World

Lately, I’ve been talking about the new feature coming to .NET 4.0, Code Contracts, which is to bring Design by Contract (DbC) idioms to all .NET languages as part of the base class library.  Last week, I attended QCon, where … Continue reading 

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TDD, Contracts, and Reading the Fine Print

Jimmy Bogard on coming to TDD and interface oriented Jesus and the aha moment of why we use interfaces: An interface is a contract, that any implementation needs to adhere to. Consumers of the interface do not care about implementation … Continue reading 

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Dynamic Languages vs Static Verification

At Seattle as some may remember I was doing a bunch of interviews for On of those quick videos was a talk with Rustan Leino, Mike Barnett, John Lam, and Matt Podwysocki about dynamic languages and static verification. … Continue reading 

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Revenge of the Statically Typed Languages

  There have been some great posts recently going around about the merits of static vs dynamic languages … Dynamic Languages Strike Back by Steve Yegge Return of the Statically Typed Languages by Cedric   I have to admit that … Continue reading 

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Your API Fails, Who is at Fault?

I decided to stay on the Design by Contract side for just a little bit.  Recently, Raymond Chen posted “If you pass invalid parameters, then all bets are off” in which he goes into parameter validation and basic defensive programming.  … Continue reading 

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Command-Query Separation and Immutable Builders

In one of my previous posts about Command-Query Separation (CQS) and side effecting functions being code smells, it was pointed out to me again about immutable builders.  For the most part, this has been one area of CQS that I’ve … Continue reading 

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Side Effecting Functions Are Code Smells Revisited

After talking with Greg Young for a little this morning, I realized I missed a few points that I think need to be covered as well when it comes to side effecting functions are code smells.  In the previous post, … Continue reading 

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I Want Spec#

                                               Scott Hanselman has recently put up a new hanselminutes of an interview with the spec# team. This interview was done at altdotnet; one of the key points of discussion both in general and in the interview was “how can … Continue reading 

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Altdotnet Spec# Session

Here is another video in the videos from altdotnet. We had Rustan and Mike of the spec# come out from their cave (j/k) at MSR to talk about spec#, boogie, and the future of compile time proving!     Enjoy … Continue reading 

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