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My Horrible Lie

I have to admit that when I first started writing about DDDD I felt the need to separate its concepts from DDD. The reason for this is that the concepts being discussed were not in the mainstream of DDD. It … Continue reading 

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I will be doing a talk today for Alt.Net Europe’s VAN program  You can find out more information on the talk including the livemeeting address here   I will be talking about command query separation  in DDD based systems. … Continue reading 

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DDDD: Master-Detail Question

I received an interesting question via email recently that I figured would be better answered via a blog post than a private response. Greg, <clip of intro and flattery> So you are getting messages directly out of your repositories and … Continue reading 

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Impedance Mismatch Reframing

  This is a reply to Stephen Fortes post Impedance Mismatch from a ways back. I would have posted about it sooner but I sadly just saw it today when a co-worker Stefan Moser linked it over to me. I … Continue reading 

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DDDD Moved

After some conversations with Scott and others I have decided that I will be writing up alot more on DDDD (I have already started). I will be releasing it under a creative commons license as opposed to going with a … Continue reading 

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DDDD 12 [How long?]

One of the most difficult parts of becoming eventually consistent is getting people out of the mind set that everything is always consistent. Years ago before they introduced their system that used to be legacy that everyone now can after … Continue reading 

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DDDD 11 [Basic Consistency]

So I was bad last week and didn’t get much written shame on me… hopefully I can get back on track. In DDDD 10 we looked at Command Query Seperation, now we are going to take that idea a little … Continue reading 

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  Boring Sunday night so I figured I would get ahead on my posts for the week (I have not been good enough about hitting 5 but I am trying). This post is probably out of order but the concepts … Continue reading 

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DDDD 9 [Producers and Consumers]

Not surprisingly the Producer/Consumer relationship is the single most important concept in messaging. Let’s take a look at those interfaces and how they work. The first we will look at is the interface that an object must meet in order … Continue reading 

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altdotnet seattle session video

Here is the video from the altdotnet talks… There are many good points brought up through out this fishbowl; the one that I really wish was answered better was the question from Adam on introducing stuff to a team who … Continue reading 

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