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Framework Design Guidelines: Property or Method

I have a proposed addition to “Framework Design Guidelines” based upon a situation that came up a few days ago. I believe the situation is already covered implicitly but there seems to be some contention on that point so perhaps … Continue reading 

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Flame Bait: Access Blech

I have moved my comments from http://codebetter.com/blogs/karlseguin/archive/2006/07/07/147188.aspx as I don’t want to muddy up his discussion. I have never understood why access gets shoehorned into so many roles it is frankly not good at. 1) If I need an embedded SQL … Continue reading 


Agile: Fixed Price Bids

This post is coming up from a recent discussion I had with Rusty Zarse, these thoughts have crossed my mind before but the discussion put them back on the top of the stack in my brain. I have also been … Continue reading 

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