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Book Review: Hacking Vim

Some time ago, Packt Publishing sent me a copy of Hacking Vim: A Cookbook to get the Most out of the Latest Vim Editor by Kim Shulz to review. I read through it pretty quickly and I must say I … Continue reading 

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My new laptop I wear on my hip.

Last week I decided its time to get a new phone.  I’ve always had just a “phone”.  You couldn’t do anything more with it than dial numbers and talk to people (although my last phone, the Motorola V300 did have … Continue reading 

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Review: Dunn Consulting BizTalk Boot Camp

A few weeks ago I attended the beta version of Dunn Consulting’s BizTalk Boot Camp. I wanted to write a review on the course and to let others know about it because BizTalk is quickly gaining in popularity and is … Continue reading 

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A week with CodeRush and CodeSmith

After playing with CodeSmith for awhile, I’ve decided its one tool I’m going to come to rely on in the future.  I’ve already built half a dozen templates of my own in the last few days, and have found countless … Continue reading 

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My very first CodeSmith template

I’ve always been a fairly manual kinda guy, not using a lot of code generators, and using them conservatively when I do use them. With the release of CodeSmith 3.0, which I like quite a bit so far, I think … Continue reading 

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The last tool you’ll ever need to profile your managed code – ANTS Profiler from Red-Gate

As so many of us know, Red-Gate has some really awesome database tools.  The Compare and Data Compare tools are totally awesome and I don’t know how I’d do many of the things I do without those tools.  Well, I know … Continue reading 

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