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An Evening with Fluent NHibernate

So after reading quite a few posts recently about folks dumping their hbm.xml files for fluent nhibernate, I decided to check it out for myself – and in the process formed a couple general thoughts about some other things. First, … Continue reading 

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New Backup Strategy

Over the weekend, my Windows Home Server threw an alert at me saying that one of my drives was about to fail.  This sent me into freak-out mode because one of the things that I’ve been telling myself that I … Continue reading 

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On Tagging, Part 1

In my current job, I manage content – a lot of content.  And a part of that job is trying to figure out ways to help folks find and navigate the articles that we publish.  At a high level, there … Continue reading 

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Is this thing on?

I wanted to at least say a quick hello before diving in.  That said, I will be brief and simply say that I’m very happy to have joined the CodeBetter universe and look forward to sharing my own journey in … Continue reading 

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