Is this thing on?

I wanted to at least say a quick hello before diving in.  That said, I will be brief and simply say that I’m very happy to have joined the CodeBetter universe and look forward to sharing my own journey in learning with you.  I’m not completely shutting down my MSDN blog, but I will use it to post stuff that’s a little more related to my day job (though you might find it funny to know that the bulk of my traffic on that blog is is mostly for posts on certifications – and for a random technical post on lambda expressions).  I’ll post the more interesting stuff here.

So all said, happy to be onboard!

About Howard Dierking

I like technology...a lot...
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  • james.kovacs

    I’m very excited that you accepted our invitation to join CodeBetter. Great to have you with us, Howard.

  • Kyle Baley

    Finally! Someone to help me fight the draconian “Mandatory Pants” rule at the CodeBetter Christmas Party! You’re a godsend, man!

  • Jeremy D. Miller

    Welcome aboard Howard! Glad to have you here.