Astoria, SSIS Adapters and BDD – Code

I’m currently working on the post talking about how, in the course of writing my SSIS data source for ADO.NET Data Services, I stumbled into replacing my unit tests with specifications.  However, in advance of that, I wanted to go ahead and provide the link to the source code.  I would love to get feedback on what’s working and what’s not so that I can get better – and so that ideally, those the random stranger who downloads and looks at it on some idle Tuesday gets better as well.

The code can be found at

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  • hdierking

    ok – should be fixed now…

  • hdierking


    right – that one little detail – SSIS requires that asms be deployed to the GAC – and I wasn’t about to give you my snk file – i’ll create a different one, reseign, and update – sorry about that….

  • Tom de Koning

    the code doesn’t work…

    Error 1 Cryptographic failure while signing assembly ‘D:\Dev\Samples.SSIS.DataServicesComponents_Solution\Samples.SSIS.DataServicesComponents Solution\Samples.SSIS.DataServicesComponents.Domain\obj\Debug\Samples.SSIS.DataServicesComponents.Domain.dll’ — ‘Error reading key file ‘d:\Dev\Samples.SSIS.DataServicesComponents_Solution\HowardSamplesKey.snk’ — The system cannot find the file specified. ‘ Samples.SSIS.DataServicesComponents.Domain