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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Collection Hosting Using Windows Azure

As I’ve mentioned in a couple earlier posts, Pivot is driven using Deep Zoom image pyramids.  This means that for a collection of trade card images, multiple additional image combinations are generated for different zoom levels.  The net result here … Continue reading 

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Creating the MSDN Magazine Pivot Client

When non-developers approach Pivot, they tend to be dismayed by 2 primary things: it’s not something that you can just plug into your data source and have it work it’s not some discrete thing that you can just slap onto … Continue reading 

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Automating Pivot Trade Card Creation

UPDATE: since I can’t figure out how to attach the template file discussed here, I’ve uploaded it to my bitbucket samples repository – you can see the code here. Sorry for the delay in this part in my series documenting … Continue reading 

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