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ScrumPig 2 Backlog Filter Syntax

As I talked about at the end of my AppFabric TV interview, I use a tool called ScrumPig to manage my personal workflow (one day, I would love to try it out across an entire team, but baby steps).  Recently, … Continue reading 

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Some More Thoughts On OAuth 2 Sample

Recently, Pedro Félix sent me some questions on an internal mailing list regarding the recent sample I pushed out for integrating OAuth 2 into Web API (if you haven’t checked out Pedro’s blog, you should go and do that).  I … Continue reading 

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Getting Inherited Config Settings

Yesterday, I wrote an HttpModule to support enabling Http basic authentication for Web APIs running in an ASP.NET host.  But wait, you say – IIS already supports basic authentication?!?  This is true…kind of.  Basic authentication is supported, but only if … Continue reading 

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OAuth 2.0 in Web API

This week I’ll be pushing a sample to the WebAPI-Prototype branch in our Codeplex repository for doing an OAuth 2.0 dance for Web APIs.  Before I get into how the sample works, let’s quickly define some OAuth 2.0 terms (note … Continue reading 

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