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Monthly Archives: June 2012

RestBugs Ported to Node

I just merged my NodeJS port of the RestBugs sample application and pushed it up to github. In case you’re not 100% sure what RestBugs is, it’s an example of a hypermedia-driven bug management system (system including both client and … Continue reading 

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Getting Started with NodeJS – Migrating RestBugs

I’m intrigued by node – partly because of all the recent hype and ‘cool kid’ factor – but mostly because I like the idea of having a single language context on both client and server.  Plus, the overall programming style … Continue reading 

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Web Optimization in Visual Studio 2012 RC

The Web optimization framework has gone through some major changes between the Visual Studio  11 Beta and Release Candidate releases. The changes coalesce around 2 primary goals: Enable greater control over the default bundles that are registered with the Web … Continue reading 

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