Keeping in touch with the Web optimization team

Now that the Web optimization framework is available on NuGet and as a part of Visual

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Studio 2012, we’ve had quite a few of you ask (on this blog as well as a variety of other places) how you can participate in the ongoing development effort, whether that’s suggesting new features or reporting issues.  Ultimately, our goal is to get folded into the rest of the ASP.NET technology stack on CodePlex – and at that point, we’ll get issue tracking, discussion forums, etc. (not to mention source code access).  However, that process is ongoing, and in the meantime, I want to give you a couple communication channels to use.

UPDATE: ok, the whole idea of using uservoice for reporting issues didn’t turn out to be a very good one – particularly in it’s very difficult to use that site for triaging issues.  Therefore, we have gone ahead and setup the CodePlex site where we will ultimately put everything when we are open-source:  Please file issues and start product discussions using the appropriate CodePlex features. (Stack Overflow is still a great place for Q&A)  Additionally, we’ve populated the documentation wiki with some of the links listed below – and will update with more documentation as it becomes available.

We try to follow various other blogs, Twitter streams, etc., but we can’t be everywhere at once, so the resources listed here are the best ways to contribute to the Web optimization framework, at least until we can move in with the rest of the ASP.NET code.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Anonymous

    No, that makes sense – discussion is too broad of a word anyways (since it could mean feature discussions which should happen on uservoice).  Will update the post.

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  • Zhaph – Ben Duguid

    Hi Howard, looking forward to using this in anger soon :)

    I know this is going to sound pedantic but Stack Overflow isn’t a place for discussions, it’s a place for asking programming questions and usually to get a definitive answer.

    That might sound like semantics but it sets some important expectations.