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Moving Blog for a While…

I’m moving my blog off CodeBetter for a while at least… It’s not because I’ve got any issue with CodeBetter – the talent present on this blog is top end – and they have been nothing but awesome for my … Continue reading 

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Getting Started with OWIN and Katana

MSDN Magazine just published an article I wrote on getting started with OWIN and Katana. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, think of OWIN (and the Katana project) as a way to compose different .NET-based frameworks and components together into … Continue reading 

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The Secret to RESTful Services is RESTful Clients

I’m sitting in the airport waiting to head back to Seattle after several great days at RestFest here in Greenville, SC. Many thanks to Mike Amundsen and Benjamin Young for being such gracious hosts. I’m pretty tired at the moment, … Continue reading 

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Streamlining Dependency Management in Visual Studio

I’ll start out with a disclaimer: What I’m going to talk about in this post represents some thoughts that are being batted around by a few of us. It does not represent any decided on features for any future version … Continue reading 

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Versioning RESTful Services v2

See what I just did there? ^^ Done Since publishing both the REST Fundamentals course as well as my previous post on RESTful API versioning, I’ve had the opportunity to think more about versioning in practice as I’ve been a … Continue reading 

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