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Astoria, SSIS Adapters and BDD – On BDD and MSpec

Let me preface this post by saying that it is about my (early) experiences practicing BDD in the context of a specific specification framework – MSpec.  There are plenty of folks out there who are much more authoritative on this … Continue reading 

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Using Latest NUnit Version With MSpec

As I’ve been working another blog post about my adventures in learning BDD ala MSpec, I ran into something that I wanted to share as the problem wasn’t immediately obvious (to me anyway). The problem is that MSpec has a … Continue reading 

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Astoria, SSIS Adapters and BDD – Take 1

Yea I know – 3 things you never thought you would hear mentioned together.  And to be really honest, I didn’t start out trying to build this in a BDD fashion – and since I’m totally new to the disciplines … Continue reading 

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Return False on the Happy Path

When you call a query method that returns true or false, I highly suggest that you make true results trip conditional logic / guard clauses / etc. I was driving out some code today in an MVC controller that had … Continue reading 


Making your code easier to understand context/specification style unit tests

When we started our current project we did not use context/specification style testing, instead we used testcase-per-class with a four-phase test model (also known as arrange-act-assert). Although we followed story-test driven development (STDD) we were not explicitly Behavior-Driven Development BDD … Continue reading 


Seizing the BDD Nettle

Learning BDD I have been trying for some time now to understand what the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) exponents are talking about. I’m sure that Scott and Colin Jack are sick of me asking questions on BDD. This is pretty … Continue reading 


BDD – Consider your audience

Unlike vanilla TDD, the artifacts produced by BDD can and should be read by more than just developers. Most of us who practice TDD name our tests more or less like this: MessageBoardControllerTests.Index_WithTenMessages_ReturnsFiveMostRecentFromRepository() Shifting into Context/Specification style testing, one may … Continue reading 

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TDD, Contracts, and Reading the Fine Print

Jimmy Bogard on coming to TDD and interface oriented Jesus and the aha moment of why we use interfaces: An interface is a contract, that any implementation needs to adhere to. Consumers of the interface do not care about implementation … Continue reading 


Don’t take RY (Repeat Yourself) in specs too far

Mikel Lindsaar recently posted a tip encouraging rSpec users to not use before :each, and set up the context in every “it” specification. I’m afraid I disagree. By pushing context setup into your specifications, you’re allowing your contexts to become … Continue reading 

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Introducing Machine.Specifications (or MSpec for short)

As some of you who follow me on twitter know, I’ve been working on Yet Another Context/Specification Framework as an experiment. Yeah, I know we already have NSpec and NBehave, and they’re great and all, but MSpec takes things on … Continue reading 

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