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FubuMVC’s Internal Runtime, the Russian Doll Model, and how it compares to ASP.Net MVC and OpenRasta

I’m blogging out some preliminary FubuMVC documentation in preparation for a workshop later this week.  As a logical place to start, I’d like to dive into the internals of how FubuMVC handles an Http request.  Along the way I’ll try … Continue reading 


Vanilla Yet Composable HTTP Services With WCF 4 and Windsor

Recently in my team, there’s been a lot of discussion about how we should go about implementing a service layer for various orthogonal behaviors.  At the center of the conversation is the question of whether or not we should develop … Continue reading 

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How Dovetail uses NHibernate with StructureMap

A quick note here, this article shows features of StructureMap that are only available in the very latest 2.5.4 release available on sourceforge.  I’ve uploaded the finished binaries, but haven’t made a formal announcement because I’m a couple weeks away … Continue reading 


Should I use MEF with an IoC container? – Part 1

In my post “Should I use MEF for my IoC needs” we took a look at the question of whether or not it is appropriate to use MEF instead of a traditional IoC container. In this post we’ll discuss the question of … Continue reading 


Want a guided tour through the presentation patterns in StoryTeller?

I’m jammed up with an awful case of writer’s block, but Björn Rochel has written a series of blog posts on elements of the StoryTeller code base related to the screen activation lifecycle and presentation patterns: Diving into the StoryTeller … Continue reading 


Container-managed applications

OK, so you’ve past the point of deciding whether or not you will use an IoC container. Then you find out that is just the beginning of the road. How does that container fit in your application design? Should you … Continue reading 

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IServiceLocator a step toward IoC container / Service locator detente

Today we launched an exciting project on CodePlex, namely the Common Service Locator library. What is it? It’s a shared interface that applications and frameworks can reference in order to leverage IoC containers / service location mechanisms without taking hard dependencies. … Continue reading 


Say Hello to Fluent NHibernate

I’ll let James Gregory do the introduction for Fluent NHibernate here.  I think this project has a lot of potential to dramatically reduce the difficulties teams face when working with NHibernate.  The initial focus is on a fluent interface mechanism … Continue reading 


How Prism supports using multiple IOC containers

Today we received the following question / comment on our forums around our strategy for supporting multiple containers in Prism. This is something that I believe is on the minds of other folks using Prism. Below is a portion of … Continue reading 

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Factory Method Support in Castle Windsor and Spring.Net

Factory Method Support in Castle Windsor and Spring.Net by David Hayden   Most of the time when using Windsor I simply map a service provider to a service contract as such programmatically or in a configuration file:  <components> <component id=“CustomerRepository“ … Continue reading