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Guerrilla refactoring, or "How to bring down a totalitarian regime"

Have started a new project at the current contract and I’m muy excited about it. It’s a "legacy" .NET 1.1 app that was upgraded to 2.0 by running the wizard, then left alone. It has a web service created by … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Unsafe Code: GIF Image Color Quantizer, Now with Safe Goodness

I’ve had a few requests to create a safe version of the Image Quantization library I’ve blogged about quite a few times: see Use GDI+ to Save Crystal-Clear GIF Images with .NET. It turns out this is quite useful for … Continue reading 


Refactoring Webcast – Refactoring For Your Code Base – Excellent Introducton to Refactoring!

Last night I watched an MSDN Webcast, called Refactoring For Your Code Base (Level 300).  Brian Button was the presenter, and let me say that he did an excellent job presenting the material.  The presentation was a very nice balance of … Continue reading 

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