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Sublime is Sublime 3

In the last post we installed sublime and learned (hopefully) some of the basic operations in it. In that setup however you still have a long way to go to being effective in sublime actually doing much of the stuff … Continue reading 

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Sublime is Sublime 2

Now we are into the second post about how Sublime is Sublime. In the last post we looked at some reasons why we may want to use Sublime. In this post we will install Sublime and learn some basics of … Continue reading 

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Sublime is Sublime Part 1

This is the first blog post in a series about getting sublime working for .NET development. We will look at how to get nice color schems, git integration, command line integration, handling project and solution files, and both manually and … Continue reading 

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Using Grunt to Update the AssemblyInfo.cs version number

Grunt.js is a slick task runner which can be used for stuff other than JavaScript. In fact Our team is using it to build our .Net and Windows Phone code as well. Recently we just added a new task which … Continue reading 

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C# Feature I would love — Dynamic Types w/ Interfaces

Today I realized I wanted a feature in C#, but it was not there. Imagine you have the code below public class Foo{ public void Bar(){ var fieldValue = new { ParentKey = “something”, SectionKey = “section”, FieldKey = “field”, … Continue reading 

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Binding to the TitleTemplate in a Windows Phone Panorama Control

When building Windows Phone applications it is very common to use the Panorama Control to setup your layout.  But did you know that you have the ability to apply a template to the Panorama’s title (remember the title is for … Continue reading 

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Event Sourcing and Post/Pre Dated Transactions

There was a recent question on the dddcqrs list asking about retroactive events as well as post-dated events. This is quite a common question and the answer is YES. Event Sourcing works very well on these types of systems. In … Continue reading 

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Projections Example

Last week in class a question regarding bugs over time in system. In specific let’s assume that I had a bug in my system, I want to know how many places were affected by that bug and possibly I need … Continue reading 

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Drafting problems with and other thoughts

Much has been written about Codes of Conduct recently. In my previous blog post, I mentioned the problems with many of the Codes of Conduct used today. The first thing everyone needs to understand is that while there is a … Continue reading 

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Codes of Conduct – a call for calm, clarity and common sense

Much has been discussed recently on Twitter, blogs and other outlets about the need for all conferences to have a code of conduct. As a general matter, I avoid any conclusion that states a specific prescriptive device is suitable in … Continue reading 

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