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Windows 7 Boot from VHD – A Few Gotchas

When I first read about the capability in Windows 7 to natively boot a VHD, I was ecstatic – finally I could install all of my beta software in a sandboxed environment without having to put up with the performance … Continue reading 

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Command-Line switches (parameters) for Virtual PC 2004

Here is a few switches (parameters) that you can use to start Virtual PC 2004:  -singlepcThe -singlepc parameter starts the specified virtual machine without starting Virtual PC Console. This parameter can simplify the Virtual PC interface in a corporate or lab … Continue reading 

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Optimizing Development with Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

Generally speaking, my pre-Virtual PC development configuration installed on my laptop consisted of a single installation of Windows XP Pro, SQL 2000, Visual Studio.NET 2003, NUnit, and various other tools. With this configuration, I developed several different applications. It wasn't … Continue reading