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I moved on from WCF Web API, but Web API IS still moving

If you’ve my last few posts around the new Windows Azure SDK for Node.js and you have not been following me on twitter, then you might be suspicious. Let me remove the suspicion, I’ve moved on from the Web API … Continue reading 


Building an Async WCF Service in .NET 4.5

In the .NET Framework 4.0 version of WCF, managing multiple asynchronous operations, for example in the form of WCF and HTTP request/response operations, is currently very complex regardless of whether you use the existing event or Begin/End asynchronous pattern. The … Continue reading 

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Web API Preview 5 Is Now Available

Today, Glenn is announcing at the BUILD conference that Web API preview 5 is available both on CodePlex and Nuget.  If you’ve been following the project for while, you’ll note that we went through a dry spell there for a … Continue reading 

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Integrating MVC routes and Web API routes

  Several folks have been complaining for a while about Action Links not being properly generated when MVC routes are mixed with Service Routes in the same site. It turns out there is a solution…..don’t use ServiceRoute Instead, create a … Continue reading 

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Automatic ETag Management with Web API Message Handlers

One of the great things about the fact that Http is a full fledged application protocol is that it has built in semantics for doing all sorts of application types of things.  Two of these things which I’ll talk about … Continue reading 

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REST In Practice the book, RestBucks the sample

The book If you’ve watched any of my recent talks, one book you may have heard me mention quite a bit is “REST In Practice” by Jim Webber, Savas Parastatidas and Ian Robinson. The thing I really like about this … Continue reading 

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Using DataContracts with WCF Web API

A few folks have been asking if it is possible to serialize/deserialize using the DataContractSerializer. Rest assured, yes it is possible. Now whether or not it is the easiest/most intuitive model well that it is a different question. If you … Continue reading 

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Using ServiceRoute With Existing MVC Routes

I’m sitting here at TechEd working on my demos for tomorrow’s presentation and I briefly got stuck on my route implementation.  The specific issues wasn’t anything big – I just had a more specific route path declared below a more … Continue reading 

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Getting Fiddler and the .NET Framework to Play (better) Together

I was working on a sample over this weekend and kept running into a wall related to Fiddler that was driving me crazy.  Fortunately, I was able to find a solution thanks to Eric Lawrence and so I want to … Continue reading 

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WebSockets, RIA/JS and WCF Web API at MIX, a whole lotta love for the web

MIX was indeed a busy time for the WCF Team. We delivered several talks, and released several shiny new toys to the community for folks that are building web-based systems. WebSockets Craig Kitterman of our Interoperability group, and Paul Batum, … Continue reading 

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