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New Web Optimization Pre-Release Package on NuGet

Today we pushed a new [pre]release of ASP.NET Web optimization to – version 1.1.0-alpha1. This release includes some bug fixes and also a few new features that we wanted to share sooner than later. You may have also noticed … Continue reading 


Keeping in touch with the Web optimization team

Now that the Web optimization framework is available on NuGet and as a part of Visual Studio 2012, we’ve had quite a few of you ask (on this blog as well as a variety of other places) how you can … Continue reading 

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What’s Next for ASP.NET Web Optimization

Now that Visual Studio 2012 is done, we’re busy figuring out what we should do next.  For Web optimization, there are a few key scenarios that we know we want to support moving forward: Design and build-time optimization and generation … Continue reading 


REST Resources

I got a question recently about my recent Pluralsight REST Fundamentals course. Several times throughout the course, I say something to the effect of “for more on X, check out the references section at the end of the module”. The … Continue reading 

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An Afternoon with Sinatra and Heroku

This is a quick summary of my experience today getting my first “hello world” Web API written in Sinatra and deployed to Heroku.  For those of you who are already experts, you’ll probably find lots of things I did wrong … Continue reading 

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Getting Inherited Config Settings

Yesterday, I wrote an HttpModule to support enabling Http basic authentication for Web APIs running in an ASP.NET host.  But wait, you say – IIS already supports basic authentication?!?  This is true…kind of.  Basic authentication is supported, but only if … Continue reading 


Web API Preview 5 Is Now Available

Today, Glenn is announcing at the BUILD conference that Web API preview 5 is available both on CodePlex and Nuget.  If you’ve been following the project for while, you’ll note that we went through a dry spell there for a … Continue reading 

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Using ServiceRoute With Existing MVC Routes

I’m sitting here at TechEd working on my demos for tomorrow’s presentation and I briefly got stuck on my route implementation.  The specific issues wasn’t anything big – I just had a more specific route path declared below a more … Continue reading 

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Thoughts On IP Reverse Lookup?

I was having a discussion today about URLs and associated behaviors with a colleague who works with many of our international subsidiaries.  In the course of the conversation, we came to the topic of IP reverse lookup and it’s pros/cons … Continue reading 

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Monorail vs. Rails Isn’t a Meaningful Question

Monorail vs. Rails doesn’t seem like much of an interesting question.  In our work recently at Dovetail, we found that a much more interesting question is something like, “Should we be building forms-over-data web apps on .NET?” If I have … Continue reading 

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