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Architecting LINQ to SQL applications, part 2

What is LINQ? LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and is a DSL within C# for querying data. It is implemented by language extensions to C# 3.0. It allows us to concisely express queries against our collections of data. LINQ … Continue reading 

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Architecting LINQ to SQL applications, part 1

Architecture for  LINQ to SQL People are beginning to ask questions about how to architect applications that use LINQ. It is important to remember that LINQ is both a set of language features and a set of additions to the … Continue reading 

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Whither DDD?

Last Saturday was DDD6. I’ll post some follow up material from my session later. However, last night Daniel Moth asked an interesting question: what is the future of DDD? DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper First, let me clear up any international confusion. The name … Continue reading 

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All aboard the Monorail

Last night’s London .NET user group meeting was hosted by Conchango (with Microsoft picking up the pizza). Thanks to Michelle Flynn for making us all so welcome and for her team’s help on the night. Thanks to Daniel Moth for … Continue reading 

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Which practices to implement first?

 Over on the altnetconf list the question arose as to where you start when implementing agile within an organization. The first thing to bear in mind is that you probably want to avoid implementing all the practices, at the same … Continue reading 

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Hello World

Thanks to the CodeBetter gang for inviting me to join them on this site. I am flattered, and enormously excited. I thought my first post here ought to be the traditional introduction to who I am. Those of you not interested … Continue reading 

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