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Registration for altnetconf opens January 2nd

A short message to let you know that we plan on opening registration for the UK altnetconf (to be held on February 1st and 2nd) on January 2nd. So you will have time to recover from your New Year hangovers … Continue reading 

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Mocks and the Dangers of Overspecified Software

I’ll be back on LINQ architecture after the holidays, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some of the bad, some of the places where we have had bitter experiences. When NMock first appeared we embraced the behaviour verification … Continue reading 

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Alt.Net.UK Jeremy wins fastest finger

Wow, Jeremy is on the mark, he beat me to an announcement about Alt.Net.UK. You can check out Ben’s blog, where Jeremy saw it. Following Bill and Jeff‘s call to arms, we are going to put on an altnetconf in … Continue reading 

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Architecting LINQ to SQL applications, part 4

Dynamic Queries One question that arises from time to time is: how do I do dynamic queries in LINQ. The problem usually stems from allowing the users to generate search criteria, perhaps through a filter for a list for example. … Continue reading 

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Architecting LINQ to SQL applications, part 3

DAOs and Repositories One of the concerns we want to separate our domain from, is how we persist the domain model. The domain should not need to where: file, database, service etc. or how. In the specific context of an … Continue reading 

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