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Architecting LINQ To SQL Applications, part 5

Let’s return to the series on how to architect applications that use LINQ To SQL. First of all, for those you who missed it, a summary of where we have been: Part 1, IntroductionPart 2, Layered ArchitecturesPart 3, DAOs and … Continue reading 

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Classicist vs. Mockist Test-Driven Development

One thing that came up in a couple of sessions of Altnetconf UK was the old saw of classicist vs. mockist approaches to TDD. Martin Fowler has a great, and updated, article on the distinction between the two approaches here. … Continue reading 

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Altnetconf UK

Well we’re done. I’ll post fuller reflections another time, but overall, the event went better than the organisers could have hoped. Feedback from all the delegates we spoke to was positive. For everyone, the contributory nature of an Open Spaces … Continue reading 

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