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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Architecting LINQ To SQL Applications, part 7

Previously: Architecting LINQ To SQL Applications, part 6 The topic of managing entity lifetimes is an important one as many of the issues that people have when using an ORM for the first time relate to a lack of understanding of … Continue reading 

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Architecting LINQ To SQL Applications, part 6

Previous: Architecting LINQ To SQL Applications, part 5 Mapping with XML files instead of Attributes Greg Young pointed out in the comments to the last post that using attributes can clutter your domain objects. Although it is simpler to show attributes … Continue reading 

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Developer Day Ireland

A while back I posted about the future of Developer Day (called DDD here, but not to be confused with Domain Driven Design). For the international audience DDD is was inspired by US Code  Camps, and has a similar by … Continue reading 

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Some recommended books

A couple of people at the BASTA conference asked me for book recommendations for people who were trying to get a better idea of how to do solution design. At the same time, a couple of people at my TDD … Continue reading 

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