Developer Day Ireland

A while back I posted about the future of Developer Day (called DDD here, but not to be confused with Domain Driven Design). For the international audience DDD is was inspired by US Code  Camps, and has a similar by and for the community agenda.

One of the issues I raised was that the UK & IE only had one Code Camp event. Although we ran it twice a year, it was always over-subscribed, suggesting that there was a huge demand for on-the-weekend community events. We have always seemed a big enough place to hold a lot more regional events. Back when I last blogged I mentioned DDD Scotland and now I am pleased to note that there will be a DDD Ireland on Saturday May 3rd. It’s great to see the community events spreading. It is good to see some ALT.NET topics in the agenda too, Ben is going to be be talking about TDD, Alex Homer (who I guess breaks the rules once he goes to work at the P&P team, but I guess he gets away with it this time around) on Dependency Injection, and Mike Azocar talking about Scrum.

I would still like to see more people across the UK + IE holding local altnet conferences. Come on us Londoners can’t have all the fun. They are a lot easier to organize than a DDD style event, as they are mostly self-organizing. 


About Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper has over 18 years of experience delivering Microsoft platform solutions in government, healthcare, and finance. During that time he has worked for the DTi, Reuters, Sungard, Misys and Beazley delivering everything from bespoke enterpise solutions to 'shrink-wrapped' products to thousands of customers. Ian is a passionate exponent of the benefits of OO and Agile. He is test-infected and contagious. When he is not writing C# code he is also the and founder of the London .NET user group.
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