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Developer Day Registration is open

Just a brief note that we have opened the registration for DDD 7. As usual we would expect the places to be filled by end of tomorrow, so if you want to come I would not delay. The agenda can … Continue reading 

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ObjectMother and TestDataBuilder

On our current project we have decided to drop the ObjectMother pattern in favor of using TestDataBuilder.I picked up on TestDataBuilders from Colin’s blog, though I note that our own Matthew had a post on them on an older blog … Continue reading 

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Fitnesse and the 3-way meeting

Jeremy posts in his blog about his replacement for StoryTeller about the pain of FIT based tools. We have been using Fitnesse on the current project and while there has certainly been pain, I think that the pain has been … Continue reading 

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Learning On A Project

 There has been a fair amount of activity in the blogsphere to Roy’s original post about increasing TDD adoption. Roy updates some of the reaction here and here. Udi comments on my reaction that the most important thing is to … Continue reading 

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