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Introduction to NHibernate, Part 2

  Last time we introduced setting up the configuration file. This time we will look at the basics of mapping. Mapping Entities How you map your entities depends upon your preferred approach. Attributes or mapping files You can use either … Continue reading 

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The Fat Controller

My latest project is built using the Castle Project stack (Monorail, Windsor, and Active Record). We’re using ActiveRecordMediator so that we can use a Repository pattern with Active Record. We are also using JQuery as our client side Javascript library. … Continue reading 

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Introduction to NHibernate, Part 1

To go alongside my set of posts on LINQ To SQL I wanted to post an Introduction to NHibernate. These posts are not intended as any kind of masterclass, so experienced NHibernate hands might want to skip them. They are … Continue reading 

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