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Seizing the BDD Nettle

Learning BDD I have been trying for some time now to understand what the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) exponents are talking about. I’m sure that Scott and Colin Jack are sick of me asking questions on BDD. This is pretty … Continue reading 

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Introduction to NHibernate, pt. 6

Last time we looked at mapping value types and user defined types. This time I want to look at sessions. Understanding sessions is one of the challenges for any developers approaching ORMs for the first time, because they can represent … Continue reading 

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Introduction to NHibernate, pt.5

Last time around Last time we looked at how we map inheritance in NHibernate. This time I want to look at value types. Mapping Value types NHibernate supports a ‘fine-grained object model’. That is to say it allows us to … Continue reading 

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Why people do not see how smart your idea is at first

One of the ‘features’ of my current project is that the development team are seperated by the Atlantic from the analysts. So we have to learn overcome the resulting communication issues. One observation that we have from that experience is … Continue reading 

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Persistence Ignorance with LINQ To SQL

I do not usually just re-point to older blogs, but some people including Don Smith were asking in the Persistence Ignorance session at Alt.NET Seattle about support for PI with LINQ To SQL. I would maintain that LINQ To SQL … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET Seattle 2009, some impressions

Having just got back from Alt.Net Seattle 2009, I wanted to post a few reflections. Mostly this is just a dump of things that grabbed my attention – its not meant to be any kind of documentation of the convesations … Continue reading 

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